MBFBY? - The first year

A year ago today I thought ‘hey, doing a food blog sounds like a good way to get free stuff, plus I’d get to whinge about stuff. I’ll give it a go’. 

Well, I’m still here 12 months later and it’s turned into a thoroughly enjoyable endeavour. The free stuff thing didn’t really pan out. Here’s the entire list of freebies MBFBY? received in 2011:

- a bottle of wine from Barefoot which I haven’t tried yet

- some wraps at Moolis 

- some beers at various places

erm, that’s it. I’m not going to retire on this blog unfortunately.  

Over the year I’ve had some amazing meals, some rubbish pub roasts, met some great people and gained a proper insight into the London restaurant scene.  I’m constantly blown away by the progressive, confident ideas which breed in this fair city. Each month brings a raft of new openings, despite the toughest economic conditions in living memory. Maybe this partly accounts for the amount of successful new restaurants - you have to be good to survive. Plus, there’s legions of bloggers and tweeters watching your every move. You fuck up and a thousand people know within minutes. It’s never been more possible to have a good meal for a fair price in London. Bravo. 

Regular readers will notice I don’t have too many negative reviews - this is testament to the quality of places out there at the moment and most of my reviews are from nights out with my wife; we check out places we’ve heard are good, we’re paying the bill and we want to have a nice time. I can’t give you an ingredient-by-ingredient analysis of a deconstructed trifle but I can hopefully tell you if a restaurant experience is any good or not. I want to share good places with people, that’s why I started writing this blog in the first place. Fortunately we’ve not really had any horror shows (apart from Cây Fucking Tre), though I’m sure we’re due one soon.

Right, enough navel-gazing. In true MBFBY? style, weeks late, here’s my end-of year round-up:

Best meal: Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Predictable - yes. But it’s freaking awesome. Spectacular, witty and worth the money. MEAT FRUIT! 

Most visited restaurant: MEATLiquor

Again, pretty predictable but I love love love this place. They do the best burgers I’ve ever had. Fact. Not over-thought monstrosities, sloppy meaty delights in the near-darkness to a rocking soundtrack. Last time I was in they played War Pigs, for fucks sake. 

Best pub: The Palm Tree

I go to a lot of pubs. As yet, none can beat the mighty Palm Tree. Archaic, surreal and brimming with soul. 

Album of the year: 'Color Trip' - Ringo Deathstarr

Great name, great band. An updated My Bloody Valentine with catchier tunes. 

There you have it. Thanks for the support over the last year. I’ve had lots of very nice comments (not much hate mail unfortunately) and my readership is creeping up steadily. I’d like to think my spelling is improving too, but I’m probably wrong. 

Here’s to another year. Hope I don’t get gout!