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I’ve been meaning to write a post about Moolis for a while now. I’ve had takeaway from there numerous times but never actually sat down and ate in there (I usually go for the excellent goat wrap. That’s right - GOAT WRAP! Not many places can boast a goat wrap on the menu). I received an email from Moolis PR asking if anyone wanted to review it and I gamely volunteered, so bear in mind that I didn’t actually pay for anything on this visit. 

First of all, Moolis is very much a fast-food establishment. It’s not a place to linger with a drink (though they are fully licensed) and you get up and order at the counter. Having said that, it’s a pleasant enough place with lots of amusing artwork and slogans painted on the walls. “THIS IS NOT A F*CKING BURRITO” shouts one particularly angry slogan. Alright, mate. Calm down. I also noticed they were playing pseudo-ethnic Britpop also-rans Kula Shaker on the stereo as I walked in. I sincerely hope they were taking the piss. On the plus side I noticed they have jugs of free tap water on a shelf at the side. Always good to have free water. 

moolis soho review 

The concept here is ‘Indian street food’ with a Western twist. The incredibly friendly manager served up a selection of mini Mooli wraps for me to try and a portion of the superb Aloo Papri Chaat, a pot of tangy yogurt, chickpeas chickpea flour bread and potatoes, liberally peppered with pomegranate seeds. It’s a great dish, fresh tasting with a lovely crunch from the bread. Highly recommended. 

moolis review soho

On to the wraps - they are all served in a delicious fresh roti bread which has a slight (is this even a word) ‘cakey’ texture. First I munched my way through slow-cooked pork and pomegranate salsa. This is quite spicy, very flavoursome and rather rich with a tang of sweetness from the pomegranate. I have had this before and found it to be a little too rich but this one was a nice balance, not sure if they’ve changed the recipe maybe or perhaps they were having an off day on my previous visit. 

moolis review soho

Beef, coconut and yogurt - again, this is slow cooked, rich and moist with some good crunch coming from the salad and onion. This is the one you’d probably most compare to a F*CKING BURRITO, but it’s much, much lighter that a F*CKING BURRITO and doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve just eaten a house brick. 

moolis soho review

Chickpeas - nice level of spice but I found it quite heavy and a little too rich tasting. However the quality of the ingredients shone through on this one as it isn’t dominated by the slow-cooked meat of the previous two. Interesting tamarind flavour. 

moolis soho review

Chicken - A good ‘bite’ on this one due to the lentils and a subtle curry flavour (along the lines of coronation chicken). Pickled turnip throws in a bit of a curveball but it works. This is the one I’d most have for lunch during the working week. 

So yeah, overall Moolis is great. If you need to grab a quick bite before heading out, or fancy some lunch that is a little more interesting than a sandwich, wrap or the ubiquitous F*CKING BURRITO then Moolis is hard to beat. I’d recommend the pork or the beef from the ones I tried on this visit (and the goat wrap is totally awesome though not reviewed here). For 8 quid you can get a tasty wrap made with decent, fresh ingredients and a cold beer. Yes, you won’t want to hang around but that’s not really the point of the place. I’m not going to give a score as this one was a freebie but I obviously like it and I’m sure you will too. Unless you REALLY hate Kula Shaker. 

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